Forrester: IBM, Neolane, and SAS Leaders in Cross-Channel Campaign Management

Forrester Research has named IBM, Neolane, and SAS as leaders in its new Wave Report on cross-channel campaign management. The report takes a look at the challenges advertisers and marketers face in a cross-channel campaign – from designing and budgeting to executing it and analyzing its effectiveness, considering the complexities in understanding and properly implementing social marketing, local advertising, mobile tech and real-time decision-making.

Forrester researched and rated twelve products offered by eleven companies (Alterian, Aprimo, ExactTarget, IBM, Infor, Neolane, Oracle, Pitney Bowes, Responsys, SAP and SAS), over 81 criteria and incorporating surveys, product demos and in-depth executive analyses across 156 different companies utilizing those cross-channel services.

Forrester senior analyst Robert Brosnan, who oversaw the report, pointed out that although eleven companies and their services were weighed against each other with the same criteria, there’s some room for subjectivity in looking at the results. Because of the complexities of  a cross-channel campaign, certain of those companies provided services better suited for certain demands. The report groups the reviewed firms into categories: ‘marketing generalists’, ‘interactive marketing specialists’, ‘data and analytics specialists’ and ‘enterprise application providers’. The idea is that breaking the market down into those categories should paint a more accurate picture of each company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Brosnan also commented on the fast-growing market in CCCM.

[The report] could have evaluated another 10 vendors’, on account of the field’s growth and nuances, and that he expects to see new vendors, models and functions over the next couple years. Furthermore, the report stated, ‘Marketers are aggressively shifting budget to digital media and seeing interactive as more effective than traditional efforts. […] In the future, marketers will select applications for their ability to orchestrate the always-on, bi-directional, and cross-channel dialogue between customers and businesses.

Read the executive summary, or download the full report here.

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