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How to Save Budget and Increase Sales with Marketing Operations

Optimizing the marketing infrastructure can save up to 20% of the total marketing budget, and achieve an additional 15% sales increase, according to a survey conducted by MRMLOGIQ among 99 marketing professionals in 22 countries.

Key steps to improving the marketing infrastructure are consolidating and standardizing marketing materials and automating campaign management and production processes. The infographic below contains a brief summary of the survey results. The whitepaper is available for download here or contact MRMLOGIQ for more information.

The Evolution of the CMO

The CMO now a days is quite a different one then twenty years ago. Digital and social innovation and the availability of better and more accurate data have affected everything: the way things are marketed and sols.

In this  two-minute video [x+1] CEO John Nardonne tells how he thinks the role has changed since he began his career in the 1980s marketing for Pepsi.

Common flavors and snake oil

Ross Graber serves as Research Director for the Marketing Operations Strategies service at SiriusDecisions. He brings over 15 years of marketing experience with focus spanning marketing measurement, demonstrating ROI, data management, process development, marketing technology, customer marketing and sales enablement. He sheds his light on measurement tools. “The web is littered with people who know best for you and your organisation. They think they know what your marketing measurement needs to be like and look like.”

But don’t be fooled, Graber says. “There’s way too much bad advice being dispensed from sources that you’d expect to be credible. Whether this advice is well intentioned or simply snake oil, b-to-b marketers need to be able to spot bad measurement advice and reject it.”

In his article Marketing Measurement Snake Oil he explains three key points which any marketer should consider when shopping for tools to measure your marketing.



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How do you achieve strategic and operational alignment in marketing?

Between 20% to 40% of the things done in marketing don’t serve any strategic value. Find out how to overcome this problem so that everyone is clear about what they need to be doing and why.

This video tells you more about it.

Western Europe leads the way in adopting new media

Western European nations are leading the way in the adoption of new media technology, according to a new study by ZenithOptimedia. In its New Media Forecasts report, ZenithOptimedia found that the leading country in 2012 terms of new media adoption was Norway, with an average penetration rate of 38.8% across three key digital technologies – smartphones, tablets and IPTV.

It was followed by France on 35.7%, the Netherlands on 35.1%, Sweden on 31.3% and Denmark on 31.2%. However, balance will shift a little towards 2015. ZenithOptimedia expects the Netherlands to be on top in 2015 with a penetration of 65.1%, followed by France 60.8% and Ireland 50.2%.

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Marketing VIP Lounge XL

On 14 September, join Aprimo’s Marketing VIP Lounge XL at the Hermitage in Amsterdam. Meet your peers at the breakout sessions and share best practices, learn from client case studies, product roadmap presentations and demos.

The Aprimo Marketing VIP Lounge XL brings together leaders in integrated marketing management to collaborate, connect, and inspire. There will be proven best practices and how to’s, client case studies, product roadmap presentations, demos as well as plenty of networking opportunities. The speakers include Bob Boehnlein, president of Aprimo, and Steve Kemish, chairman of IDM and Romek Jansen, founder of MRMLOGIQ.

From the program:

The Marketing VIP Lounge XL is an action-oriented learning experience. Through an interactive dialogue with peers you will hear how others are adapting to and conquering today’s toughest marketing challenges and how marketing automation can help you. Read More…

Shift Gear in Marketing

While customers are ready to interact, most marketing departments are not. They have not sufficiently adapted to the new reality and face the danger of becoming irrelevant.

The key to successful marketing, and customer engagement on a large scale, lies in Operational Excellence. No more  ad hoc activities, data silos and isolated images in local folders! In order to bring out the best in your marketing department, you need a solid base of technology, processes and analytics. You need to have a marketing operations platform and a marketing operations function to facilitate your most valuable asset; your customer.

A well functioning Marketing Operations can lead to 18% less waste of resources, and 11% more returns. This presentation by Romek Jansen from MRMLOGIQ explains how Marketing needs to shift gear.



Webinar: Where to Begin with Marketing Operational Excellence?

Get Inspired in Marketing Operational Excellence. On April 19th, Aprimo gives you the opportunity to join a 30 minute webinar series with Romek Jansen, co-author of the first book on Marketing Resource Management (and editor-in-chief of MarketingGovernance.com). He will give you practical tips and tricks, helpful concepts, and strategic insights on marketing efficiency.

This webinar is part of the ‘Get Inspired with Marketing Operational Excellence’ series of five in which we’ll give you practical tips and tricks, helpful concepts, strategic insights. It brings you the value drivers and the strategic business case. Benchmark the maturity of your marketing operations against industry scores and pinpoint where to begin to get results fast.

The webinars that will follow are:

  • Strategic & Operational Alignment, May 10, 01:00 PM
  • Marketing Supply Chain Management, May 31, 01:00 PM
  • Change Management, June 21, 01:00 PM
  • 10 Pitfalls To Avoid,  July 12, 01:00 PM

Click here to register.

NEW: MRM Vendor List Updated

The MRM Vendor List has been updated again! There have been a lot of changes among the software vendors offering MRM solutions last year and it certainly has not been boring in MRM/MOM/EMM/IMM land. We took some time to sort everything out and can hereby present to you a brand new Who’s Who of marketing software vendors.

Also new is that we now mention the main focus of the vendor. Some vendors offer a fully-fledged MRM solution that supports the entire marketing process, from the cataloguing of images to planning to budgeting, while others focus on a specific area of the marketing process, such as Digital Asset Management, Customer Relations Management, or Print Solutions. Read More…

MRMLOGIQ and ABN AMRO Expand Brand Portal

MRMLOGIQ, the operational marketing efficiency company, announces the expansion of the ABN AMRO Brand Portal with the addition of a marketing webshop. The ‘Shop’ enables ABN AMRO executives who are responsible for customer communications management to create posters, invitations and advertisements independently, according to local wishes and demand.

Because the publications are generated from a central platform using specialized marketing software by BrandMaker, all marketing communications meet the predefined ABN AMRO brand requirements and campaign requirements. Moreover, the right quality and price for production and processing are guaranteed, because orders are sent automatically to the right supplier.

Frans Riemersma of MRMLOGIQ:

Together with the ABN AMRO Brand Portal project team we’ve examined the large number and variety of the existing (marketing) communications materials. In order to better serve the information needs of ABN AMRO clients, we have distilled a set of core materials, which we can use as a basis. Embedding this new set of materials in a technology platform is an important step in the transformation process. In the next few months, we will be adding new materials to the Shop.

Madelon van Mierlo, Head of Brand Management of ABN AMRO:

By introducing the ‘Shop’, we have taken great steps toward the efficient development of (marketing) communications materials. With this new tool we are able to standardize certain materials. This means we won’t have to start from scratch every time we need a poster for the opening of a new branch, or an invitation to a seminar. Not only is this approach very cost-efficient, it also ensures consistency of our marketing communications.