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20 Marketing statistics that wil drive 2014

The year 2013 is slowly coming to an end. Christmas and New Year are just around the corner. Time to look back, but we won’t do that. We look forward. What to expect in 2014 in marketing?

The people from WebDAM  created this infographic with the latest predictions and newest trends.

Beauty is nothing without brains…

There are lot’s and lot’s of funny ads to find on the net. We’re not gonna show you all, because not all of them are that good. But it shows you don’t have to take yourself to seriously as a brand. Not even the big guys do, as Mercedes demonstrates.


The best marketingprank ever?

There’s a new movie coming out. Carrie, maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s a remake of the 1976 movie and based on a book, written by Stephen King. Must be a scary one, right?

So, Halloween is coming up and you want to promote your movie. Wat do you do? Being very creative, watch this movie and watch one of the best marketingpranks…


Evolution of a superhero

As a marketer, it is one of our tasks to safeguard brand identity. Do we use our logos in the same way, do we use the right logo, things we find important. Our brand must remain recognizable, right?
But don’t we stress too much about it? A good logo is still recognizable, even if it changes over time. Batman can teach us a lot about this, look once more to this poster. Funny how it’s logo changes allmost every year and we still recognize it, isn’t it?

Special Man and Heimekem: Brand Damage Marketing Technology Won’t Prevent

Improving brand compliance is one of the benefits you might come across in pitches and kickoff presentations concerning optimization of marketing processes and implementation of marketing software. Especially when implementing Brand Portals or Digital Asset Management systems, this is something to take into account because brand compliance can be improved by centrally storing brand assets and by using workflows, authorizations and approval steps to control creation and distribution of marketing materials. In some cases you might even be able to put a number on it as historical data may reveal money spent on campaigns that had to be recalled or merchandising that could not be used and had to be destroyed.

Every now and then we are asked if it is possible to include impact on brand value in the business case of a marketing operations project as well. This is a different story because many more variables that are not affected by optimizing marketing resources, redesigning processes and implementing software come into play.

But don’t worry, this is the Friday Coffee Break so we won’t elaborate on calculation details. Instead, this is our top 5 fake brands:

1. Heimekem


2. Special Man

3. Johnnie Worker

4. Polo Ralpl House

5. Sunbucks

End of Summer: Back to school

There are several dates wich marketeers can put down in their agenda for years ahead. Xmas, New Year and the start of the schoolyear. Now the summer is nearing it’s end the last one comes into sight. AdGooroo knows that this is a keydate. They know the whole world is going back to school and in need of schoolsupplies.

Since everybody is buying online now-a-days they decided to research wich search key-word is most popular and had the most revenue.

“Textbooks” was the top back-to-school paid search keyword last summer for both spend ($829,857) and impressions (18,866,205). The second most popular keyword, “school supplies,” had nearly as many impressions as “textbooks” (17,300,378) but a fraction of the spend ($153,625), reflecting the higher price (and profit margins) of college and high school textbooks compared with general school supplies such as pencils and notebooks.

Below, additional key findings from the study, which examined the performance of 318 back-to-school terms in July and August 2012 on the US Google AdWords and Yahoo Bing networks.

Top Back-to-School Keywords

“School uniforms” was the third most popular back-to-school paid search keyword. “Used textbooks” was fourth, and “soccer cleats” was fifth.

Check the list and see how you can score a big hit this year.



Bitching over the ‘other’ smartphone

We al have them, we all use them, we all live with them. The smartphone, who can do without nowadays?

The choice in smartphones is huge, allthough there are a few major players  say Nokia, Apple, Samsung and Windows. And they al produce the best smartphone ever, so much better than the competition actually. And they show it, preferably bitching about the other one. has selected the best ever and here are a few examples.


Nokia Lumia 920

Samsung Galaxy S III

Nokia Lumia 925

Windows Phone

Marketing operations according to a genius

We all know Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Aren’t they the most famous cartoon figures in history? They came out of the mind of Walt Disney.

Disney, a simple guy with a great talent. After joining the military during World War 2 he found a job as an artist. After starting his own studio, together with his brother Roy, he found out he wasn’t an animator. Soon he discovered he was the man with ideas. He knew what he wanted, what was possible and how much time things took. So he hired the right people to do things for him. Disney and his team created Mickey Mouse and the rest is history. Disney does roughly 36 billion US-dollars a year now.

Isn’t the guy a genius? And how simple a good (marketing)plan can be, shows this drawing of Disney, showing his idea on the Disney Company. An early thought on marketing operations?


Marketers must go into zombiemode

Have you seen the tv-series ‘The Walking Dead’?, or did you just went to the movie ‘World War Z’? Then you know zombies are hot. They take want to take over the world, but somehow never succeed. Still there are lessons to be learned from zombies, says Kelly Gregorio in het article ‘Four Marketing Rules We’ve Learned From Zombies‘ on

There four basic rules zombies and marketers (need to) live by:

  1. Keep your eye on your target (audience)
  2. Never roam alone
  3. Have advanced weapons on hand
  4. Accept that the world will never be the same

See if you can find them?

Knowing your audience

Marketing is all about knowing your audience and what they want, or what you want to make them believe they want. Right? So getting knowledge about your targetmarket is crucial.

The company Mapbox is a big help in this. For instance, they use twitterdata  and map where people are using what kind of mobile device. So, when your targeting France, you know you have to use  Blackberry, and if your targeting The Netherlands use the Iphone.

Check out your audience