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Adgistics Opens Branch in Canada

London-based Marketing Automation vendor Adgistics have announced the launch of their first operational company abroad.

The North American consultancy arm opens its first office in Toronto, Canada.  A growing  number of successful pitches to international companies with North American bases made establishing an operational office in-market a necessity. Having a branch in Toronto allows Adgistics to engage prospective clients, analyse their business and offer improvements first hand as well as providing better service to existing contracts, according to the vendor. Read More…

5 Marketing Automation Myths Put to the Test

There are five key resources in marketing. No more, no less. Answering the central MRM question, ‘What needs to be created, by whom, using which technology, under which budget, in what timeframe?’ gives us the five-M paradigm: Materials, Manpower,  Machines, Money, Minutes.

Marketing automation systems can improve the use of each of these resources. But this kind of technology is still often mistrusted. How can technology do a better job than I do? Here are five common misconceptions for each marketing resource, and the reasons why Marketing Automation doesn’t take over your job, but helps you do it better: Read More…

Bringing Sales and Marketing Closer: Two Upcoming Events

Whether it’s a coincidence or not, marketers seeking to improve the relationship with the Sales department are offered a choice of two events. As the two departments are dependant on each other in Business-to-Business marketing situations, the need for good communication and alignment of the two departments is self-evident. Marketing needs to create the right leads for Sales to follow up on. Attending these (or one of these) events may help Marketers and Sales executives to optimize the alignment of their departments. Read More…

TedTalk: Weird, or Just Different?

 ‘There’s a flip side to everything,’ the saying goes, and in two minutes, Derek Sivers shows this is true in a few ways you might not expect. We sometimes get so used to our way of seeing the world, that we think this is the only way to see it. The same goes for Marketing Operations: sometimes we are too set in our ways to see that there are other ways of approaching challenges. Allow yourself to be inspired by this ultra short video and see how a fresh view on things can put them in a different perspective.


MRM in 60 Seconds: Effectiveness and Efficiency

In the third instalment of the MRMLOGIQ MRM in 60 Seconds series, we take a look at two essential concepts in MRM: effectiveness and efficiency. They may sound like the same thing, but there is an important difference. Being effective means getting the job done; being efficient meaning getting the job done using the minimum amount of time and energy, while still getting the best possible results. Watch the video to find out why an effective Marketing strategy needs an efficient MRM strategy as well.



Does MRM Make Ad Agencies Obsolete?

Naturally independence from external service providers is a convincing potential benefit of MRM systems. However, many companies want first and foremost to save time and costs, not forego creativity.

If the cooperation between companies and advertising agencies is complicated with respect to data exchange, agreement, and approval, then MRM systems can intervene selectively in the media creation process. Cumbersome agreement loops via e-mail and the inevitable deployment of the agency for even the smallest changes to existing means of advertising are eliminated. The agencies are therefore not replaced, but incorporated more efficiently by both sides into the media creation process.

Read More…

Why Failure May Be Your Key to Marketing Success

Master motivator Zig Ziglar once said, ‘Failure is a detour, not a dead-end street.’ I couldn’t agree more… and his words underscore the advice I find myself giving to marketers again and again these days:

Don’t be afraid to fail.

Our industry is rapidly evolving, but we can’t lead the way as change agents if we’re frozen in place, paralyzed by fear. Many marketers are hard-wired to be visionaries, and perhaps that’s part of the problem. We see the end game, and so we want to get there fast. We take on too much too soon, feel overwhelmed and then crumble when the grand design starts to erode. Or we start out small, only to pull the plug at the first sign of trouble.

There is a better way. Try this:

Evaluate, execute and evolve. Read More…

TATA Whitepaper: Digital Technologies in Publishing Media

As reading habits are slowly shifting from print media to digital media, TATA Consultancy have published a whitepaper that looks at the future of the printing industry. Authors Sumit Misra and Kaushik Mukherjee present an in-depth analysis of both publishing and news and magazines media. Contrary to the general mood in the industry, they present an upbeat message: digitization is not necessarily a bad thing for the business and may even open up a few new opportunities. From the executive summary: Read More…

Social Media Flowchart

We’ve posted before about the necessity for measuring the impact of your social media efforts. But what about the input? With an increasing number of social networks to manage in order to maintain your online presence, things may get mixed up. We have found the definitive guide for posting social media status updates.



MRM in 60 Seconds: Why MRM?

The second instalment of MRMLOGIQ’s MRM in 60 Seconds series takes a closer look at Marketing Resource Management. What is it exactly, and which business challenges does it address? How can it help to keep an overview in a time when we suffer from an information overload? Watch this video to find out how MRM can make Marketing count – in every sense of the word.