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What is the CMO’s number one issue today

Scott V. Olrich has been President of Marketing and Platform at Responsys, Inc. since May 5, 2013. Mr. Olrich is responsible for Responsys’ go-to-market and sales strategies and leads the strategic direction for all of Responsys marketing products and services. He shares his view on the CMO’s number one issue today.

The future role of the CMO

Jonathan Gordon, expert principal at McKinsey & Company, reflects on the future role of the CMO.

Why Dutch insurance company Centraal Beheer Achmea uses Paragon

Organizing your marketing operations is complex and time consuming. Especially for strong brands for whom consistence in cross marketing channels is essential. Paragon helps to streamline  marketing processes, so they can be simplified and costs and time can be reduced while quality goes up.

One of their customers is the Dutch insurance company Centraal Beheer Achmea. They asked Paragon to help align their marketing and sales. Jorrit Drieënhuizen, account manager at Centraal Beheer Achmea, tells you why.


Big Data Marketing

Fred van Westerop, districtmanager Northern Europe at Teradata, talks about Big Data Marketing.


Lisa Arthur, CMO Teradata Applications

Does money make your marketing?

Does money guarantee good marketing? Ask this man. Gleb Budman bootstrapped Backblaze to profitability without spending on marketing. He dreamed of having a real marketing budget to grow faster. Faced suddenly with $1 million to spend, things didn’t turn out quite the way he expected. Learn lessons from his bruises that you can apply whether you have a marketing budget or not.


‘It’s exciting to work with tech’

Linda Summers, Director Marketing & Operations for Mobile at Skype, discusses how exciting she finds working with tech startups, the need to take and share more risk across the tech sector and the importance of talent in delivering success, particularly in the creative communities.

Today’s CMO is being “Redefined”

Egon Zehnder hosted its third annual Marketing Summit addressing the future of the customer-centric business and the role of marketers in directing the agenda.

The CMO is central to the course forward for today’s customer centric organizations and Egon Zehnder queried some of the world’s top CMOs to ask them their thoughts on their changing role and setting the marketing agenda in today’s complex environment.

NZ Marketing Summit – Mildie Meyer-Els | Barfoot and Thompson

Perpetua Productions and Pravda Communications hear views from Mildie at Barfoots on marketing at the recently held NZ Marketing Summit.


State of Marketing #9: The future of Marketing

The Future of Marketing scares many companies and brands, and with good reason. Media trends shifted so quickly over the past decade that business are still playing catch up. Now with social adoption still continuing, mobile taking over the web, and new technologies like Google Glass and big data upon us, marketers face more change.