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Taking the Pain Out of Review and Approval

Last fall, we announced the release of Teamwork 1.1, the latest version of ADAM’s cross-media annotation, proofing, and approval studio tool. Teamwork is specifically designed to work with all types of rich-media files, including text, images, audio, and video. Therefore, Teamwork provides much-needed support for enterprise marketers who are increasingly required to develop and execute multi-channel, cross-media marketing campaigns and programs.

In many large companies, particularly global enterprises, review and approval processes have become more complex and time consuming. The proliferation of marketing channels and media formats, the growing need to “localize” marketing messages and materials, and the increased use of “content marketing” have caused the volume of content that must be reviewed to grow exponentially.

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MRM According to Mtivity

‘Mtivity combines the discipline of procurement, the creativity of marketing, and the processes of IT.’

Print procurement software company Mtivity provides solutions for print and marketing process. The program offers several separate customizable modules, which allow marketers to collaborate more effectively with buyers and suppliers – saving time and money. The video boasts that Mtivity cuts out up to 32% of the normal print process. Though it is a little vague on how exactly this is achieved, with clients such as E-Graphics and Xerox, it may be worth looking into.


Teradata to Acquire eCircle

Teradata, the analytic data solutions company, and Aprimo, a Teradata company specialized in Integrated Marketing Management software, announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire Munich-based eCircle, European leader in cloud-based digital marketing.

With the acquisition, the three companies hope to combine Teradata’s analytical capabilities, Aprimo’s Integrated Marketing Management, and eCircle’s digital messaging solution. This will enable marketers to create integrated customer experiences across online and offline channels that leverage Big Data insights to grow existing customers, attract new customers, and increase revenues. The addition of eCircle more than triples Aprimo’s European team, expertise and reach in all major European countries, creating the largest marketing applications provider in Europe and enabling the delivery of eCircle solutions globally. Read More…

The Growing Importance of Effective Marketing Operations

Prompted by growing demands from CEO’s, enterprise-level marketers have been working to improve productivity for several years. The ‘great recession’ of 2009-2010 across much of the developed world brought a heightened sense of urgency to the efforts to make marketing more productive. Whatever the economic environment, however, marketers are now expected to maximize the return produced by every investment.

Most large enterprises have used two distinct, but complementary, strategies to improve marketing productivity.

  • Early efforts focused primarily on improving the effectiveness of campaigns and programs. Marketers began using sophisticated data analytics techniques and personalization technologies to more precisely target marketing campaigns and to make messages more relevant and persuasive.
  • More recently, marketers have focused their attention on improving the productivity of their operations. They have recognized that improving the efficiency of marketing operations is a powerful way to stretch limited budgets. The equation is simple: the money saved by increasing operational efficiency can be used to fund revenue-generating campaigns and programs. Read More…

MRM According to Aprimo/Teradata

‘If it’s relevant to you, you can track it with Aprimo.’  Aprimo/Teradata is an international software vendor offering Marketing Resource Management and Integrated Marketing Software solutions. The MRM module automates core marketing processes and optimizes the allocation of resources. Budgeting, planning and metrics are all covered in this module, promising full control over marketing operations.



CMO Council Whitepaper: More Gain, Less Strain

Multinational marketers see a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the value of their agency partner relationships, according to the new whitepaper by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council. As the focus of the marketing industry becomes increasingly digital, ad agencies seem to struggle to respond to this development in their collaboration with brands and suppliers.

The report shows that just 9 percent of senior marketers believe that traditional ad agencies are able to adjust their services to the demands of the digital age, in contrast to 22 percent who view their agencies as struggling to transition their business models and service offerings. Another 51 percent of senior marketers surveyed see their agencies struggling to catch up with new technology, or acquiring but not integrating digital marketing capabilities. Read More…

MRM According to BrandMaker

‘It’s not the easiest time to be a marketer – but it’s not  the hardest either.’  A new marketing automation software vendor video, by BrandMaker this time. The German-based company focuses on the ‘do more for less’ approach to Marketing Resource Management. To BrandMaker, MRM is ‘the clever use of information and technology to manage marketing workflows, brand assets, communication activities and service providers in ways that save money and shorten time-to-market.’ Their video certainly makes it all look very easy.


A New Model for Marketers

Major brand owners should consider replacing current “sprawling” marketing structures with coordinated “centres of expertise” reflecting their changing needs, Booz & Co has argued.

The consultancy suggests that existing ‘decentralised’ marketing functions lead to wasted expenditure, alongside making it harder to take a holistic view and develop new capabilities in areas like social media. It thus proposes forming ‘centres of expertise’ with capabilities covering all communications activity which can be leveraged across the whole company. Early adopters of this model have seen efficiency gains of 15–20%. Read More…

MRM According to IBM

Now that the MRM in 60 Seconds series has been completed, we’ve been looking at other videos explaining Marketing Resource Management. IBM, one of the marketing automation software vendors from our list, created this short video simply saying marketers can ‘do more for less’ with an MRM system in place. Implementing an MRM solution can reduce project cycle times, increase output using the same resources, and improve compliance with legal and brand requirements, to name just a few positive effects. This video also emphasises the control an MRM system offers: transparency and accountability, at all levels of the marketing organization.




Marketing Operations Manager: Job Description

With Marketing Resource Management and Marketing Operations being relatively new fields of expertise, not everyone knows what marketing operations managers do exactly. To answer that question, take a look at the job description provided by Gary M. Katz for a director of Marketing Operations: would you have what it takes?

Sample Job Description: Director of Marketing Operations

The Director of Marketing Operations is a member of the Marketing leadership team and works closely with the Chief Marketing Officer to facilitate the development of strategies and plans for the business as a whole and measurement of their implementation progress. Partners with other marketing leaders to enable organizational alignment towards critical business objectives and leads the organization’s implementation of company-wide strategic transformation activities and strategic imperatives. Collaboratively consults with other marketing leaders to support strategic business needs while improving the effectiveness and efficiency of processes, programs, and infrastructure. This position helps to direct a dedicated operational team toward a focus on the profitability and long-term viability of the enterprise. Read More…