TATA Whitepaper: Digital Technologies in Publishing Media

As reading habits are slowly shifting from print media to digital media, TATA Consultancy have published a whitepaper that looks at the future of the printing industry. Authors Sumit Misra and Kaushik Mukherjee present an in-depth analysis of both publishing and news and magazines media. Contrary to the general mood in the industry, they present an upbeat message: digitization is not necessarily a bad thing for the business and may even open up a few new opportunities. From the executive summary:

As digitization makes its way into the media industry, the publishing industry will receive one of the biggest jolts. The proliferation of mobile devices and their in-built support for e-reading applications and internet connectivity have brought forth both opportunities and threats for publishing enterprises. Resistance to change and maintaining the status quo will reduce or eliminate the role of publishers in the value chain. It requires innovation and creativity for publishers to continue to add business value in the evolving industry.

In this white paper, we analyze the trends in the publishing media industry and highlight the challenges faced by the publishing domain. We also discuss innovation strategies and technological advances that publishers can leverage and take advantage of the many opportunities they provide.

The whole report is available for free at TCS.com.




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