Does MRM Make Ad Agencies Obsolete?

Naturally independence from external service providers is a convincing potential benefit of MRM systems. However, many companies want first and foremost to save time and costs, not forego creativity.

If the cooperation between companies and advertising agencies is complicated with respect to data exchange, agreement, and approval, then MRM systems can intervene selectively in the media creation process. Cumbersome agreement loops via e-mail and the inevitable deployment of the agency for even the smallest changes to existing means of advertising are eliminated. The agencies are therefore not replaced, but incorporated more efficiently by both sides into the media creation process.

Advertising agencies also profit from direct access to MRM systems, since they can sort through relevant image materials and upload their newly-designed layout templates directly into the system without detours and present them to the Marketing department for approval. MRM systems enable all participants to access a project directly and to make right and role-based changes and adaptations. MRM technologies also allow people without InDesign experience to make controlled adaptations to advertising media, e.g. if dealers want to transform brochures for the local market.

The significance of the advertising agency for the creation of means of advertising that produce strong sales is still very great. Because while MRM brings structure and management to an organization, it cannot replace the introduction of new, innovative marketing ideas in word and image.




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