Bringing Sales and Marketing Closer: Two Upcoming Events

Whether it’s a coincidence or not, marketers seeking to improve the relationship with the Sales department are offered a choice of two events. As the two departments are dependant on each other in Business-to-Business marketing situations, the need for good communication and alignment of the two departments is self-evident. Marketing needs to create the right leads for Sales to follow up on. Attending these (or one of these) events may help Marketers and Sales executives to optimize the alignment of their departments.

On 30 November, the Chartered Institute of Marketing will host “Marketing and Sales fusion?“, a lecture by David Thorp. On the agenda:

Sales and marketing belong together and the organisations that create closer links between them post better results, have more effective inter-departmental relationships and create positive culture change. Yet the challenges are significant.

This event addresses questions of ownership, the practicalities of how sales and marketing departments can operate together, and offers best practice examples from companies working successfully to integrate the two disciplines.

Register for this event here.

Then, on 7 December, B2B Marketing will organize the training workshop “Sales and Marketing Alignment” for marketers responsible for lead generation. On the agenda:

Over 80% of B2B organisations struggle with a lack of synergy between Sales and Marketing. Marketing has long felt the frustration of immense efforts being expended into marketing campaigns, only to have Sales fail to follow up on marketing generated leads in a timely manner, or fail to provide critical feedback to clearly demonstrate Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI). Likewise, Sales often feel like they are wasting their valuable selling time by following up on poor quality marketing leads. This misalignment leads to lost revenue opportunities and leaks in the pipeline. Marketing, now more than ever before, is under greater pressure to improve the lead to sales conversion ratios. With only 16% of sales ready leads being closed, there is a huge potential for improvement. Success cannot be achieved alone. If Sales and Marketing can work effectively together, we can genuinely achieve great results!

This one day workshop will address both strategy and tactics, namely:

  • an overview of all of the business areas where Sales and Marketing need to be aligned
  • characteristics of best in class organisations and the steps to achieve great results
  • how to practically engage with Sales for success
  • how to communicate the value of Marketing to Sales & handle rejections
  • an appreciation of the key tools and technologies that can help cement the relationships.
  • best in class case studies will give you real-life examples of measurable success

By attending this workshop, you will

  • gain an in-depth understanding of where the functions of Sales and Marketing must collaborate across the business
  • be able to create and implement an effective Sales engagement plan
  • be equipped with practical top tips, techniques and tools to get Sales onboard with Marketing
  • understand the obstacles and how to tackle them
  • Conduct a group exercise on ‘live’ business issues to put learnings into practise.

Register for this event here.



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