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Bitching over the ‘other’ smartphone

We al have them, we all use them, we all live with them. The smartphone, who can do without nowadays?

The choice in smartphones is huge, allthough there are a few major players  say Nokia, Apple, Samsung and Windows. And they al produce the best smartphone ever, so much better than the competition actually. And they show it, preferably bitching about the other one. Digitaltrends.com has selected the best ever and here are a few examples.


Nokia Lumia 920

Samsung Galaxy S III

Nokia Lumia 925

Windows Phone

The worst critics…

Women are their own worst critics, says Dove Real Beauty. In this experiment  they are asked to describe themself . Other women describe them as well. Conclusion: what you think of yourself is not always the right thing. People are bad in marketing themselves. What lesson can be learned for marketing?


Optimizing for ROI

In today’s market marketing teams are under more and more pressure to perform and get results. ROI is a magic word in marketing now-a-days, while budgets and resources are under pressure as well. In the meantime customers are holding back and getting less and less faithfull to just one brand. So, pressure is on for the marketing department, because you can only do so much to get better results.

There are several trends today which cause this higher pressure, says a paper by DMA and SAS.

  • Consumers are more empowered then ever
  • Data volumes are exploding
  • New contact channels add complexity and dissonance
  • You don’t control all the channels
  • There’s more opportunity for confusion and noise
  • Marketing organizations are drowning in data

How can marketers keep their head up in all this turmoil? How can they identify the best strategy that will deliver the best returns on from marketing investments?

Wilson Raj, Global Customer Intelligence Director at SAS shed his light on how to improve ROI on your marketing investments during a webinar sponsored by the Direct Marketing Association and SAS.  Optimization is the keyword, he says.

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Do you rely on hearsay?

Do you rely on hearsay when it comes to your marketingcampaigns? No you say? Feedback on your marketingcampaigns, showing results and measuring effectiveness. It sounds like every marketer would own one or more processes to do so, but do they?

Most senior marketers say they either have a formalized process or are using one when the situation calls for it. “But when it comes to the types of local market data used to impact campaign performance, those same marketers appear to be too reliant on ‘hearsay data’,” the CMO Council states in a new study.

Marketers are twice as likely to gather insights from field and business development teams as they are to examine online voice of customer listening and analysis (57% vs. 29%).

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DMM and MAM – Only for the big guys?

An all too common misperception is that marketing asset management (MAM) and distributed marketing management (DMM) platform technology is only for the “big guys,” the large companies with huge budgets, but it’s not. It’s a statement Saepio makes in their white paper ‘Only for the big guys?’.

Understandably, solution providers (Saepio included) often emphasis their power brand clients in webinars, case studies and sales presentations.  But if your company doesn’t fit the “big guys” definition, don’t overlook the benefits DMM can deliver for you.  In fact, if Small and Medium Business (SMB) describes you, you may derive more value from a DMM solution than the big guys do.
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Western Europe leads the way in adopting new media

Western European nations are leading the way in the adoption of new media technology, according to a new study by ZenithOptimedia. In its New Media Forecasts report, ZenithOptimedia found that the leading country in 2012 terms of new media adoption was Norway, with an average penetration rate of 38.8% across three key digital technologies – smartphones, tablets and IPTV.

It was followed by France on 35.7%, the Netherlands on 35.1%, Sweden on 31.3% and Denmark on 31.2%. However, balance will shift a little towards 2015. ZenithOptimedia expects the Netherlands to be on top in 2015 with a penetration of 65.1%, followed by France 60.8% and Ireland 50.2%.

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Marketing Technology According to Turn

‘Powerful cloud technology that helps you make smarter marketing decisions. That’s Turn.’

Marketing software vendor Turn hosts a cloud-based application that monitors the performance of marketing campaigns. It delivers real-time data, aimed to help marketers understand – and, if necessary, tweak – campaigns as they are being executed. The systems connecting the client’s data to that of third party sources, comparing the two and showing how a particular campaign is doing. The two basic suites, Advertising and Audience, each promise to optimize information for that particular area.

The reports provide win rates, performance indicators, and other insights into campaign data, and suggests ways of improving those results. This makes it not just a monitoring tool, but a more active way of managing campaigns.



MRM According to Adnovate

‘Managing a marketing campaign means juggling budgets, ad agencies, distributors, translators, production houses – without even thinking about your own team.’

Marketing software vendor Adnovate offers a solution for keeping all these different balls in the air. Their online service platform promises instant control over all you marketing campaigns and an overview of campaign essentials such as budget, staff, and planing. This can help speed up time-to-market, and ensure brand consistency. The vendor offers seven different packages, each suited to a specific need. From Brand Asset Management to localization, to all-round campaign management.


Adobe Debunks Marketing Myths in New Campaign

Adobe’s is tackling often-heard prejudices about marketing’s accountability, in a new campaign called ‘Metrics not myths’.

Quoting a recent study by The Fournaise Marketing Group, Adobe said 80% of CEOs don’t trust marketers and 70% believe marketers are too disconnected from business results. The technology company thinks these are outdated preconceptions and aims to bust several marketing myths. Adobe aims to bust it by highlighting the analytics available as part of its Marketing Cloud technology.

Ann Lewes, Adobe CMO, said in her column introducing the campaign:

Our approach is to identify top myths about digital marketing that plague brands, agencies, chief marketing officers and CEOs and turn them on their head — with irony, humor, a provocative point of view and proof. We want this campaign to be honest in capturing both the passion and genuine frustration marketers feel when their contributions are undervalued and they’re told the impact of their work isn’t measureable. Read More…

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Las Vegas hotel The Cosmopolitan has found an original way of capitalizing on the city’s dubious reputation. The hotel hosted an art project by artist in residence Candy Chang. Guests were invited  to write down their sins and fears, PostSecret-style, in specially designed ‘confessionals’, which are displayed at the hotel gallery.

‘Over half the secrets were about sex, love, or fears of dying alone,’ Chang said. The confessions range from the everyday (‘I eat too much cheese’) to the worrying (‘I told the doctor I’m anxious so he’d give me the really good drugs’).

The Cosmopolitan has used the city’s reputation as a place of sin before in its ‘just the right amount of wrong’ campaign.  A new take on the old adage ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’.

More pictures of the exhibition can be found here.