Do you rely on hearsay?

Do you rely on hearsay when it comes to your marketingcampaigns? No you say? Feedback on your marketingcampaigns, showing results and measuring effectiveness. It sounds like every marketer would own one or more processes to do so, but do they?

Most senior marketers say they either have a formalized process or are using one when the situation calls for it. “But when it comes to the types of local market data used to impact campaign performance, those same marketers appear to be too reliant on ‘hearsay data’,” the CMO Council states in a new study.

Marketers are twice as likely to gather insights from field and business development teams as they are to examine online voice of customer listening and analysis (57% vs. 29%).

Marketers, according to the CMO Council, seem to rely more on third-party market research about local markets and customer service feedback (each at 49%) than a combination of structured and unstructured customer profile data (31%). And only 6% partner with IT to aggregate data from across the organization.

Over-reliance on “hearsay data” might explain why some marketers don’t believe they have the right intelligence to make the appropriate changes to their campaigns. When asked whether they use the insights they gather to shift and adjust national campaigns for greater relevance to local markets, 3 in 10 said they sometimes do, but are limited by the type of intelligence they have at their fingertips.

Local Market Data Insights

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