Adobe Debunks Marketing Myths in New Campaign

Adobe’s is tackling often-heard prejudices about marketing’s accountability, in a new campaign called ‘Metrics not myths’.

Quoting a recent study by The Fournaise Marketing Group, Adobe said 80% of CEOs don’t trust marketers and 70% believe marketers are too disconnected from business results. The technology company thinks these are outdated preconceptions and aims to bust several marketing myths. Adobe aims to bust it by highlighting the analytics available as part of its Marketing Cloud technology.

Ann Lewes, Adobe CMO, said in her column introducing the campaign:

Our approach is to identify top myths about digital marketing that plague brands, agencies, chief marketing officers and CEOs and turn them on their head — with irony, humor, a provocative point of view and proof. We want this campaign to be honest in capturing both the passion and genuine frustration marketers feel when their contributions are undervalued and they’re told the impact of their work isn’t measureable.

The first myth up for scrutiny is, ‘Marketing is BS’, which is dealt with in the video below. Other myths like ‘Social media is worthless’ and ‘Marketers hate big data’ will roll out in the coming days and weeks. Social media and video activity will also support the campaign.


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