DMM and MAM – Only for the big guys?

An all too common misperception is that marketing asset management (MAM) and distributed marketing management (DMM) platform technology is only for the “big guys,” the large companies with huge budgets, but it’s not. It’s a statement Saepio makes in their white paper ‘Only for the big guys?’.

Understandably, solution providers (Saepio included) often emphasis their power brand clients in webinars, case studies and sales presentations.  But if your company doesn’t fit the “big guys” definition, don’t overlook the benefits DMM can deliver for you.  In fact, if Small and Medium Business (SMB) describes you, you may derive more value from a DMM solution than the big guys do.

As an SMB company, your challenges aren’t all that different from the large corporation. Like them, you have a brand identity that you are dependent on local marketers to represent properly in a local context.  Like them, you are looking to move content more quickly to market and to enable local marketers to participate in content creation, but within boundaries, something Saepio likes to call “Freedom within a Framework.”  Like them, you’re looking for ways to lower content creation and delivery costs.

The only major differences are the size and scale of the network you support and the number of national ad campaigns that you must coordinate local messages with.

Read all about in their blog and white paper here


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