Special Man and Heimekem: Brand Damage Marketing Technology Won’t Prevent

Improving brand compliance is one of the benefits you might come across in pitches and kickoff presentations concerning optimization of marketing processes and implementation of marketing software. Especially when implementing Brand Portals or Digital Asset Management systems, this is something to take into account because brand compliance can be improved by centrally storing brand assets and by using workflows, authorizations and approval steps to control creation and distribution of marketing materials. In some cases you might even be able to put a number on it as historical data may reveal money spent on campaigns that had to be recalled or merchandising that could not be used and had to be destroyed.

Every now and then we are asked if it is possible to include impact on brand value in the business case of a marketing operations project as well. This is a different story because many more variables that are not affected by optimizing marketing resources, redesigning processes and implementing software come into play.

But don’t worry, this is the Friday Coffee Break so we won’t elaborate on calculation details. Instead, this is our top 5 fake brands:

1. Heimekem


2. Special Man

3. Johnnie Worker

4. Polo Ralpl House

5. Sunbucks

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