NEW: MRM Vendor List Updated

The MRM Vendor List has been updated again! There have been a lot of changes among the software vendors offering MRM solutions last year and it certainly has not been boring in MRM/MOM/EMM/IMM land. We took some time to sort everything out and can hereby present to you a brand new Who’s Who of marketing software vendors.

Also new is that we now mention the main focus of the vendor. Some vendors offer a fully-fledged MRM solution that supports the entire marketing process, from the cataloguing of images to planning to budgeting, while others focus on a specific area of the marketing process, such as Digital Asset Management, Customer Relations Management, or Print Solutions.

Besides the addition of 22 new vendors and the removal of three vendors from the list, there have been fifteen acquisitions which resulted in vendors offering a more complete MRM tool than they did before. The vendor list now contains a total of 97 vendors.

Some highlights:

  • Most offered functionalities are those regarding content management (80%), publishing (76%) and planning (75%).
  • Least offered functionalities are those regarding production (28%) and knowledge management (29%).
  • Compared to the old vendor list from 2010:
    • The highest percentage functionality increase (5%) is related to the management of customer interaction.
    • The highest percentage functionality decrease (-16%) is in the offering of budget related functionalities. Cause? Vendors entering the MRM space ususally don’t offer budgeting functionality decreasing the average coverage in this area.

To take a look at the updated vendor list, click here.

If you are a software vendor and think you should be on the list, send us an e-mail.

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