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Organize Marketing Materials For Better Platform Adoption

Elements of user interface that you control are vital to the success of your marketing platform adoption & ROI.  You are developing the materials in order to be a simple, effective shortcut for your marketers while you provide them a healthy freedom within a framework.  Your goal is to make available a path to success in record time.  Saving your participants time will save your budget.  Making the items easy to navigate and locate will be one of the top contributers to user adoption success.

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Operational Marketing Excellence – Your Top Ten 10 Critical Moves

If you are going to deliver Operational Marketing Excellence in your business you need to get your technology implementation right.

Here are the top 10 critical moves you should make.

Taking the Pain Out of Review and Approval

Last fall, we announced the release of Teamwork 1.1, the latest version of ADAM’s cross-media annotation, proofing, and approval studio tool. Teamwork is specifically designed to work with all types of rich-media files, including text, images, audio, and video. Therefore, Teamwork provides much-needed support for enterprise marketers who are increasingly required to develop and execute multi-channel, cross-media marketing campaigns and programs.

In many large companies, particularly global enterprises, review and approval processes have become more complex and time consuming. The proliferation of marketing channels and media formats, the growing need to “localize” marketing messages and materials, and the increased use of “content marketing” have caused the volume of content that must be reviewed to grow exponentially.

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How to build an efficient marketing supply chain?

Efficient marketing supply chain management will deliver significant financial results, as well improving collaboration amongst the marketing department, its internal customers and the suppliers of marketing services.

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DMM and MAM – Only for the big guys?

An all too common misperception is that marketing asset management (MAM) and distributed marketing management (DMM) platform technology is only for the “big guys,” the large companies with huge budgets, but it’s not. It’s a statement Saepio makes in their white paper ‘Only for the big guys?’.

Understandably, solution providers (Saepio included) often emphasis their power brand clients in webinars, case studies and sales presentations.  But if your company doesn’t fit the “big guys” definition, don’t overlook the benefits DMM can deliver for you.  In fact, if Small and Medium Business (SMB) describes you, you may derive more value from a DMM solution than the big guys do.
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Proving the Value of Multilingual Communications

In an earlier post, I discussed why providing multilingual marketing content is critical for global enterprises. That post also described some of the major operational challenges associated with multilingual marketing, and it explained how the right technology tools will make multilingual marketing more efficient.

Even with capable technologies, however, multilingual marketing can still require a significant investment, and some business leaders may wonder multilingual communications actually improve business performance. A new study by Common Sense Advisory contains interesting insights on why global enterprises use multilingual content, and it provides compelling evidence that multilingual communications drive increased revenues and profits.

Translation at Fortune 500 Companies is based on an analysis of financial data of companies making the Fortune 500 list, a survey of executives at 49 of those companies, and detailed interviews with 10 companies. While this research obviously focused on very large global enterprises, I suggest that the results are also applicable to companies that aren’t quite large enough to make the Fortune 500 list.

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How do you achieve strategic and operational alignment in marketing?

Between 20% to 40% of the things done in marketing don’t serve any strategic value. Find out how to overcome this problem so that everyone is clear about what they need to be doing and why.

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Clear Sailing with Marketing Resource Management

The situation: a cruise line has 5000 cabins left to fill and 120 days to fill them in, before the season starts. What to do?

Marketing Resource Management vendor SproutLoud tackles this case study and shows how their MRM system works in practice. The cruise liner sets up a large discount campaign and needs to get the word out to holidaymakers around the world. Via the central marketing calendar, travel agent partners are informed about the offer. The cruise line makes marketing material available to the travel agencies, who in their turn can send it to their clients in the medium of their choice, reaching a combined audience of 200.000 people.

This case study shows in a nutshell how an MRM system can support such a complicated operation, involving multiple marketing materials in multiple languages across the globe. The rest is clear sailing.



MRM According to IntelligenceBank

For many marketing organizations, storing and sharing information is a returning issue. Versions of documents, brand guidelines, artwork – there is a lot of data to manage and without a specially designed database of some sort, keeping track of the latest developments within the organization can become quite a challenge.

Software vendor IntelligenceBank offers such a system. An all-round Marketing Resource Management solution, it is an online platform where crucial business information can be stored and managed. It can be customized to fit different roles and responsibilities, so that everyone has access to the information that’s relevant to them. The program allows you to manage the planning of campaigns, and an analytics tool gives an overview of various metrics. The video below includes a short tour of the system


MRM According to BrandMaster

‘A one-billion dollar brand can achieve 35 to 70 million dollars in annual savings by addressing its marketing efficiency and effectiveness. It doesn’t matter if you operate in one or many markets – the challenges for your brand are the same.’

Software vendor BrandMaster provides brand efficiency and consistency solutions. These range from helping to cut operational marketing costs, to achieving greater accountability for marketing, to gaining more control over your brand – ‘through better planning, execution and reporting,’ the video intones.

In their own words, BrandMaster provides an online platform to plan, synchronize and deploy all your marketing activities. It’s a modular solution, so you can choose to use one or more modules in six categories: information, calendar, material, distribution, reports, and user admin. It’s a pretty all-round Marketing Resource Management solution for tasks ranging from planning, to reporting, to asset management, to ordering.