Taking the Pain Out of Review and Approval

Last fall, we announced the release of Teamwork 1.1, the latest version of ADAM’s cross-media annotation, proofing, and approval studio tool. Teamwork is specifically designed to work with all types of rich-media files, including text, images, audio, and video. Therefore, Teamwork provides much-needed support for enterprise marketers who are increasingly required to develop and execute multi-channel, cross-media marketing campaigns and programs.

In many large companies, particularly global enterprises, review and approval processes have become more complex and time consuming. The proliferation of marketing channels and media formats, the growing need to “localize” marketing messages and materials, and the increased use of “content marketing” have caused the volume of content that must be reviewed to grow exponentially.

In addition, legal and regulatory requirements often compel companies to involve more people in review and approval cycles, thus making these processes even more complex and time consuming.

ADAM’s Teamwork is specifically designed to make review and approval processes less burdensome and more efficient. Teamwork provides a range of important benefits.


  • It centralizes control of review and approval processes.
  • Because it works with all types of rich media files, Teamwork can be used to manage review and approval cycles for all types of cross-media marketing campaigns.
  • It streamlines approval processes, which results in fewer errors, faster turnaround, and less stakeholder frustration.
  • It enables comments and/or approvals to be given via any smartphone.
  • It makes comparing modified content with the original version easy.
  • It provides a complete “audit trail” of comments and approvals, thus enabling marketing managers to see in detail what changes are suggested, by whom, and when.


While Teamwork won’t completely eliminate complexity from review and approval processes, it will make the complexity easier to manage and significantly less painful.

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Author:Jan Dejosse

CMO - ADAM Software

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