MRM According to BrandMaster

‘A one-billion dollar brand can achieve 35 to 70 million dollars in annual savings by addressing its marketing efficiency and effectiveness. It doesn’t matter if you operate in one or many markets – the challenges for your brand are the same.’

Software vendor BrandMaster provides brand efficiency and consistency solutions. These range from helping to cut operational marketing costs, to achieving greater accountability for marketing, to gaining more control over your brand – ‘through better planning, execution and reporting,’ the video intones.

In their own words, BrandMaster provides an online platform to plan, synchronize and deploy all your marketing activities. It’s a modular solution, so you can choose to use one or more modules in six categories: information, calendar, material, distribution, reports, and user admin. It’s a pretty all-round Marketing Resource Management solution for tasks ranging from planning, to reporting, to asset management, to ordering.


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