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Marketing is more difficult than it has ever been, according to Jay Baer, social media and content strategist and author of Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype. And it is going to get even harder.

“Everything is media and the competition for attention is unbelievable,” he tells Profit. “Executives aren’t just competing for attention against other companies that sell the same stuff. They are competing for attention against everything. Every cute cat video is competition.”

In this special report, hear from experts like Baer, and business and technology expert Daniel Pink, about how to get customers to focus on your brand by mastering the new realities of modern marketing.

Our Brand Could Be Your Life
“You need to give your company permission to make the story bigger. The best most successful Youtilities are from companies that have relationships with customers and perspective customers that transcend transactions. They have relationships that are still related and relevant but aren’t necessarily reliant on the product itself,” says Jay Baer, social media and content strategist and author of Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype.

Everything You Know About Sales is Wrong
“Today, what really matters is your expertise, and you can’t develop expertise if you don’t care actually at some level about what you’re selling, whether that’s wholesale seafood or enterprise software,” says Daniel Pink, author of To Sell Is Human.

Seven Steps to Successful Social Customer Interactions
“Business executives and IT executives need to spend more time thinking about how to make online interactions consistent with real-life interactions they have with their customers,” says Christopher Sowa, vice president of Oracle Insight and co-head of Oracle’s Global Business Intelligence and Exalytics Strategy Pillar.

Leveraging Digital Body Language to Customize Consumer Interactions
“Marketers can harness digital information to enable more effective engagements, and to provide the right message to the right person at the right time,” says Susan Poser, senior director of Oracle Insight & Customer Strategy and a global lead in the Customer Experience Practice at Oracle.

The Keys to Successful Modern Marketing
“Buyers have vastly more information at their fingertips, and are in control of the pace and content of the buying cycle. Marketers must evolve with buyers to be effective,” says Steven Woods, vice president of software development at Oracle Eloqua.

Market Analysis
Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service drives results and innovation with modern analytics.

Is Your CMO Creating Hero Content
Advice from social marketing expert Michael Brito: “Social gives business leaders at large brands a chance to be human and build trust. At which point, these leaders need to decide: Now that we have the trust of the community, how do we insert our marketing messages in a way that’s not intrusive?”

Is Modern Marketing an Art or Science?
The ability to measure is met with the ability to analyze what the metrics mean. And the data is not only driving better decisions, but also freeing marketers to be more daring, to experiment, to explore the edges of well-known channels and venture into utterly new ones.

Involver to Oracle: Gold Rush to Modern Marketing
“Simply providing a tool to publish the occasional YouTube clip or launching a contest just isn’t enough,” says Rahim Fazal, founder of Involver and Oracle senior director.

Analyst Study Sheds Light on the Rapidly Evolving Role of Today’s Marketer
In a new report, independent analyst BtoB examines the ways marketers are adapting to a rapidly changing competitive landscape as intuition-based outbound campaigns give way to inbound initiatives encompassing both multiple digital channels and sophisticated data analysis.


This article was published before in July 2013 as a Special Report by Profit

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