From Lead to Revenue

Over at Eloqua, they understand that marketing departments are no longer independent islands in organizations. Marketing is an essential element of businesses, and this means that they have financial responsibility, as Gary M. Katz and Glen S. Petersen also know. A solid planning and revenue creation is essential to this new position. In the whitepaper, ‘Fueling the Revenue Engine – 5 Strategies for Building and Feeding a Marketing Machine’, Eloqua demonstrates the role marketing departments can play in creating value for their organization. From the report:

Generating predictable revenue requires plans and processes that look beyond lead generation to deal acceleration and targeted marketing throughout the marketing and sales funnels. As most marketing departments are now intimately involved in revenue creation, not only are they driving leads at the top of the sales funnel, they are also providing content and market intelligence to keep prospects warm as they advance through the middle and later phases of the funnel.

Because of this shifting role, most high growth companies now view their marketing organization as essential to achieving their top line goals. In this white paper we will examine 5 key areas of funnel economics and provide examples of how marketing departments can fuel the sales funnel and have a pronounced effect on how their organizations grow revenue and establish a strong competitive position.

Eloqua outlines five strategies for feeding the marketing funnel and, more importantly, to maintain a top position as a brand. Illustrated with stats and business cases, these are the five golden rules for turning leads into revenue:

  1. Feeding the front end of the funnel
  2. Turning responses into qualified lead
  3. Measuring the impact of investments
  4. Identifying qualified opportunities
  5. Investing in intelligence

Curious how to put these into practise? Read the full whitepaper at Eloqua.

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