Website Localization According To Dakwak

‘Companies can spend months, even years, trying to get their website to speak the language of the Web a little better. At Dakwak, we turn that idea upside down and got the Web to speak your language.’

Website localization company Dakwak offers a kind of instant search engine translation service. This allows companies to show up in search results when a consumer types in a keyword in their own language, even when their website is not offered in that language. When the consumer follows the link, they are sent to the landing page that has been translated by Dakwak.

People are more willing to buy from websites in their own language, reasons Dakwak. And from an SEO perspective it’s an interesting service. But a quick test shows that Dakwak can still learn quite a few things from Google Translate. You can do a free trial here, to see if you would buy from a website that sounds like it’s just off the boat.


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