One Million Fan Rube Goldberg Machine

Kudos to the makers of this commercial. UK deodorant brand Lynx (Axe to the rest of the world), usually known for its sweaty ads featuring bewildered boys who become irresistible after using the stuff, has made an inventive video to celebrate their one millionth Facebook fan.

The clip shows an inventive Rube Goldberg machine, featuring references to previous ads and campaigns. It took three weeks to build and 58 takes to get the sequence right. (For the uninitiated: Goldberg machines are those things where you drop a marble, which knocks over a set of dominoes, which knocks a billiard ball in a fishbowl, and in the end it sets off some fireworks… Yes, those things.) And ok, the payoff off the machine features a boy who becomes irresistible after using the deodorant, but there has to be some brand consistency.


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