Diagnose Your Marketing Team

The Chartered Institute of Marketing has launched a set of diagnostic tools to identify marketers’ skill gaps and help prioritize personal development. The suite of tools provides information about marketing and sales professionals’ strengths and weaknesses based on technical competencies.

The assessment outcomes are measured against the strategic objectives of the person, team and organization to ensure that skills are aligned with requirements. It is designed to help organizations develop and retain top talent by identifying high performers and recommending training and development in line with organizational goals.

The suite of diagnostic tools includes:

  • Marketing capability analysis: identify development needs in general marketing
  • Digital marketing capability analysis: identify development needs in digital marketing
  • Sales capability analysis: analyze sales and sales management skills
  • Innovation capability analysis: identify individuals with strong problem solving skills
  • Leadership capability analysis: define leadership development programs

David Thorp, director of research and professional development at the Institute, explains,

As marketing, sales and HR directors face a resource crunch, matching people to the right roles for their capability is imperative. Managers that practice the old adage ‘if you measure it, you can evaluate it’ with their team will function more strongly, while motivating and focusing staff and, of course, maximising the training budget.

For more information, visit the CIM website.

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