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Global Ad Spend on the Rise

Traditional and digital advertising expenditure levels enjoyed healthy growth last year, reports from Nielsen and GroupM have shown. According to Nielsen, the insights provider, worldwide adspend rose by 7.3% to $498bn in 2011, primarily based on published rate cards estimates.

The company stated that the market expanded by 6.2% during the final quarter of the year, when ad sales through TV, newspapers, magazines and radio came in at $131bn. Latin America posted an 11.6% leap, an acceleration hitting 11.5% for Asia Pacific and 11.3% for the Middle East and Africa. North America saw a 1.8% increase, but Europe was down 0.4%. Read More…

Skype Takes On Social Media

Skype has had it up to here with social media. In an effort to reclaim some ground on other ways of staying in touch, the online video calling service has launched a campaign taking on text-based means of communication such as Twitter, Facebook and even SMS:

Seeing and hearing each other brings people closer together, is the message of Skype’s 12 million-dollar campaign. And while the sentiment they’re promoting is admirable, doesn’t it make Skype come across as just the tiniest bit hypocritical? ‘Never miss out on the moments that matter most’ … without actually leaving the comfort of your own home.

So true. But about the feeling part… Where does Skype come in on that exactly? Or should we take the term touchscreen more literally?

Webinar: Where to Begin with Marketing Operational Excellence?

Get Inspired in Marketing Operational Excellence. On April 19th, Aprimo gives you the opportunity to join a 30 minute webinar series with Romek Jansen, co-author of the first book on Marketing Resource Management (and editor-in-chief of He will give you practical tips and tricks, helpful concepts, and strategic insights on marketing efficiency.

This webinar is part of the ‘Get Inspired with Marketing Operational Excellence’ series of five in which we’ll give you practical tips and tricks, helpful concepts, strategic insights. It brings you the value drivers and the strategic business case. Benchmark the maturity of your marketing operations against industry scores and pinpoint where to begin to get results fast.

The webinars that will follow are:

  • Strategic & Operational Alignment, May 10, 01:00 PM
  • Marketing Supply Chain Management, May 31, 01:00 PM
  • Change Management, June 21, 01:00 PM
  • 10 Pitfalls To Avoid,  July 12, 01:00 PM

Click here to register.

SAS Customer Intelligence: Maximize Impact

‘Marketing must put the customer at the center of all business decisions.’ It’s the main message from marketing software vendor SAS. In the third and last video on their Customer Intelligence Software solution, SAS introduce their three-part strategy for ‘maximizing impact’:

  1. Customer centricity
  2. Consistent experience
  3. Targeting profits

The main focus is still on the customer, as is apparent from items one and two, as their central mission to tighten the relationship between customer and brand. Make the customer happy, give them relevant offers. Yet the last point shows consideration for the corporate aspects of marketing. You have to be able to measure the impact of your marketing efforts. SAS promises data to track ‘everything.’ Because: ‘armed with this information, business leaders can understand the impact of campaigns and determine how each campaign is performing against target.’ And that might positively impact the marketing budget in the future.


Gartner Business Process Management Summit 2012 25-27 april 2012

Project management takes skill, determination and business insights. Not to mention the ability to navigate the internal political climate. This goes for marketing operations projects as much as any other business management project. For professionals wanting to improve their BPM skills, on April 25-27 in Baltimore, Gartner hosts the Business Process Management Summit 2012. The program features keynote speeches, seminars, workshops and one-on-ones with Gartner analysts. Offering talks on diverse subjects, from technology to social skills, from business metrics to gamification, the event promises to be pretty inclusive for attendees seeking to improve their process and project management skills. Read More…

The Growing Importance of Effective Marketing Operations

Prompted by growing demands from CEO’s, enterprise-level marketers have been working to improve productivity for several years. The ‘great recession’ of 2009-2010 across much of the developed world brought a heightened sense of urgency to the efforts to make marketing more productive. Whatever the economic environment, however, marketers are now expected to maximize the return produced by every investment.

Most large enterprises have used two distinct, but complementary, strategies to improve marketing productivity.

  • Early efforts focused primarily on improving the effectiveness of campaigns and programs. Marketers began using sophisticated data analytics techniques and personalization technologies to more precisely target marketing campaigns and to make messages more relevant and persuasive.
  • More recently, marketers have focused their attention on improving the productivity of their operations. They have recognized that improving the efficiency of marketing operations is a powerful way to stretch limited budgets. The equation is simple: the money saved by increasing operational efficiency can be used to fund revenue-generating campaigns and programs. Read More…

Branded Content Gains Ground

Advertisers including Ford, Hasbro and Rovio are all attempting to utilise innovative forms of branded content as a means of enhancing their connections with consumers.

Ford, the automaker, has partnered with NBC on Escape Routes, a reality series where six teams travel across America and take part in different competitions and challenges. Featuring Ford’s Escape model, the first installment of the season attracted major advertisers like McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, General Electric and Kraft, all of which ran spots during breaks. Crystal Worthem, Ford’s brand content and alliances manager, told Brandchannel:

They’ve bought into the fact that it’s not a Ford infomercial but a legitimate show from a credible production company. You saw the same kinds of advertisers you’d see in any other primetime evening show. Read More…

Olympic Arts

After another week of in-depth Marketing Operations facts, figures and opinions, it’s time for something different. Somewhere around the internet we came across an unusual video, combining sports, art, and advanced technology. It translates athletes’ movements into color, kinetics and a strange, almost eerie, tinkling sound.

Originally, we wanted to share this with you just for its own sake, until we realized that the London Olympics are nearly upon us. The video below is of course part of the promotional brouhaha for the event. It was created by Memo Akten and Quayola and part of the exhibition ‘The Blink of an Eye’, on display at the National Media Museum in Bradford.

Either way, it’s very cool stuff:



SAS Customer Intelligence: Take Action

‘Turning marketing into a profitable revenue growth engine for your company requires a nimbleness in thinking and action.’ With a wealth of technologies and channels available to both marketers and consumers, there are more opportunities for marketers to reach their audience, but it’s also becoming easier for customers to ‘opt out, toss out and tune out your promotional activities’.

Plan, execute and optimize are the keywords for this vendor video, the second of a series of three on the SAS Customer Intelligence solution. It seems a pretty basic idea, but the SAS solution seems to involve more than project management. Which campains drive most revenue for the business, and how can they be executed more cheaply without impacting profits? How do you ensure a consistent customer experience across multiple channels? And how can customer desires best be balanced against the needs of the business?

SAS promises to ‘finetune your marketing organization into an engine for profitable revenue growth’ – or, in simpler words: make money and keep the customer satisfied.



How DAM Software Can Keep You Nimble Enough for Social Marketing

For many marketers — and other professional communicators in public relations, advertising, entertainment and even journalism — there’s something downright scary about social media. Words (and images) matter. And in professions where people make their livings by crafting messages and relating ideas, it’s easy to strike fear into people by suggesting that the future of media calls for them to surrender control over at least part of their message.

After all, social media success can’t be effectively measured without tracking virality, and virality can’t happen until the message has passed through a whole lot of hands. Take a look at this whitepaper for a bit more on how social networks have grown, how to go about deciding what social spaces are worth using for your particular strategy, and why DAM can be a key part of streamlining your social strategy. For so long, marketing principles, processes and tools have been designed, in large part, to help people exercise control over messages. And yet, here we are watching advancements in technology strip that control away.

We know we can change. Of course, it’s not easy, but we know that we can adapt our thinking and our practices to capitalize on these shifts in the way communication is done. But what about our tools? How nimble are they? Are they holding us back, or is readying them for a paradigm shift simply a matter of wielding them differently? Read More…