Gartner Business Process Management Summit 2012 25-27 april 2012

Project management takes skill, determination and business insights. Not to mention the ability to navigate the internal political climate. This goes for marketing operations projects as much as any other business management project. For professionals wanting to improve their BPM skills, on April 25-27 in Baltimore, Gartner hosts the Business Process Management Summit 2012. The program features keynote speeches, seminars, workshops and one-on-ones with Gartner analysts. Offering talks on diverse subjects, from technology to social skills, from business metrics to gamification, the event promises to be pretty inclusive for attendees seeking to improve their process and project management skills. According to Gartner,

To be effective and enable your organization to change and deliver the benefits expected from BPM means addressing the obstacles blocking your path. Gartner Business Process Management Summit is the place to gain real insight and actionable steps for making a genuine and measurable difference in your organization’s business outcomes.

A selection from the program:

John Dixon gives a tutorial on the basics of BPM:
• What is business process management and what value does it add?
• What are Gartner’s major BPM terms, decision frameworks and concepts?
• Which technologies enable BPM?

Elise Olding shows how gamification can increase BPM engagement:
• What is gamification?
• How will gamification techniques benefit process design?
• Who is using gamification techniques and how?

Betsy Burton takes a look at best practises of highly adaptive organizations:
• What business trends will reshape how you support BPM over the next five years?
• What are the top three capabilities you need to increase the value and impact of BPM?
• What are the best practices of highly adaptive organizations?
You can register here for the event.

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