CMO Council Whitepaper: More Gain, Less Strain

Multinational marketers see a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the value of their agency partner relationships, according to the new whitepaper by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council. As the focus of the marketing industry becomes increasingly digital, ad agencies seem to struggle to respond to this development in their collaboration with brands and suppliers.

The report shows that just 9 percent of senior marketers believe that traditional ad agencies are able to adjust their services to the demands of the digital age, in contrast to 22 percent who view their agencies as struggling to transition their business models and service offerings. Another 51 percent of senior marketers surveyed see their agencies struggling to catch up with new technology, or acquiring but not integrating digital marketing capabilities.

Together with Ace metrix, the peer-powered organization interviewed over twenty senior global marketers from companies such as Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, Kia and Hershey’s and suveyed over 250 marketers involved in the supplier relationship management, performance evaluation, and procurement process.

According to the report, the CMO Council

has detected an underlying level of frustration among senior corporate marketers worldwide when it comes to agency contributions to business value creation, strategic thinking, and digital marketing development.

The report promises ‘revealing informaton’ on topics such as:

  • What’s influencing the use of agency resources across the marketing mix
  • Where agencies are contributing the most value
  • Impact on agency relations relative to digital and social marketing
  • Measurements of advertising and media effectiveness
  • Criteria and sources for agency consideration
  • Best-practice adoption and use of ad creative scorecards, models, and tools
Looking at the issues raised in the report, ranging from dissatisfaction with agencies to increasingly difficult economic conditions, the agency-client relationship is currently more strain than gain, until agencies step up their game and join the digital revolution.
An executive summary is available for downloading at CMO Council.


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