The Most Inventive Countries

Business innovation is key to a country’s development. But which country has the most inventive inhabitants? The chart below (click on the image for a larger view) compares the countries of the world based on the success rate of patent applications, the scope of the patent portfolio, the influence and the number of inventions that stem from a country.

A surprising discovery here is that the top 100 innovative businesses are divided over just nine countries. The areas where the most innovation takes place are semiconductors, computer hardware, and machinery manufacturing. The US is doing pretty well, with 40% of the top-100 of businesses based there.  It’s followed by – of course – Japan, with 27%.  And to prove that size doesn’t always matter, tiny Liechtenstein holds its own at a ninth place. The only pity from this chart is that it doesn’t show any reasons for the countries respective successes.


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