Australian Marketers Embrace Cross-Channel Approach

Marketers are engaging customers across more digital channels, but with minimal personalisation and automation, according to a report by marketing solutions provider Responsys. A survey among 115  industry executives found that 88% are either currently running or planning multimedia campaigns of this type. Despite this trend, the majority (79%) feel they need more support or tools to help them implement marketing campaigns across different channels.

The survey results also uncovered that less than one third of marketers surveyed communicate with customers through their preferred digital or social channel, and 23% admit to never reaching out to customers through their channel of choice. This is perhaps unsurprising given 32% admit to only understanding either the ‘very basics’ of cross-channel marketing or nothing at all.

Simon O’Day, Vice President of Responsys Asia Pacific said,

Australian marketers understand they need to utilize a variety of digital channels like email, mobile, social, display and the web to reach their customers. However, they are relying on a very simple level of personalisation and spending far too much time executing campaigns and not enough time being strategic. By moving away from manual, ‘batch and blast’ campaigns to setting up automated programs based on a customer’s lifecycle, over time, marketers can benefit from increased efficiency and strengthened customer loyalty.

O’Day continued,

The amount of data now available from digital channels means marketers can target their audience in a highly personalized way that hasn’t been achievable before. However, if marketers want to see real returns from their cross-channel marketing efforts they need to find a way to still send highly personalized messages, but in an automated and orchestrated manner.

The following stats provide a snapshot of how marketers are currently leveraging social networks:

  • Facebook remains the social channel of choice for marketers, with 81% executing a marketing campaign on the social network in the last 12 months
  • Twitter has cemented itself as an increasingly important channel for marketers, with 70% implementing a campaign on Twitter in the last year
  • YouTube and LinkedIn are an equally important part of the marketing mix according to those surveyed with 49% (YouTube) and 45% (LinkedIn) of marketers using these channels to reach consumers in the last 12 months
  • Google+ and Pinterest are yet to become a fully integrated part of a marketers’ digital tool kit, as only 30% (Google+) and 13% (Pinterest) of marketers reported having executed a campaign on these platforms.

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