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CRM Event: Customer 360 Summit 2013

March 14-16, Research firm Gartner will host the Customer 360 summit in Orlando, Florida. The Customer Relationship Managment (CRM) event promises to ‘deliver complete coverage of the new strategies and technologies that are enabling organizations to better understand and engage their customers, build loyalty and grow the business’.

From the program:

Business and IT leaders can learn from the latest Gartner research and interact with 25+ Gartner analysts, peers and solution leaders. Experience new research and innovative thinking in a variety of session formats that drill down into your most critical CRM topics, including customer experience management, integrated marketing and sales, data quality and business analytics and mobile and social strategies. Read More…

Infographic of Infographics

Ah, infographics. The secret weapon of content marketing. A visual presentation of statistics and information: bite-size, relevant, informative and hip. The ideal way of getting across your message to a wide audience quickly and easily, while also getting your name out there. They started out as a visual aid in newspapers, but now they’re everywhere.

Graphic designer Ivan Cash took this idea one step further and created a meta-infographic – an infographic about infographics. The design may not be all that innovative, but the information contained in it is quite interesting. The typical infographic is tackles a topic about business, health or politics, in the United states, in the shape of a bar chart against a white background.

Click the image for a larger view.


Marketing Technology According to Turn

‘Powerful cloud technology that helps you make smarter marketing decisions. That’s Turn.’

Marketing software vendor Turn hosts a cloud-based application that monitors the performance of marketing campaigns. It delivers real-time data, aimed to help marketers understand – and, if necessary, tweak – campaigns as they are being executed. The systems connecting the client’s data to that of third party sources, comparing the two and showing how a particular campaign is doing. The two basic suites, Advertising and Audience, each promise to optimize information for that particular area.

The reports provide win rates, performance indicators, and other insights into campaign data, and suggests ways of improving those results. This makes it not just a monitoring tool, but a more active way of managing campaigns.



Big Businesses Benefit from Content Marketing

Brand content is getting a bigger slice of the marketing pie—a 13% increase, or $1,640,107 in spending for the last two years, according to a new survey, “The Spending Study: A Look at How Corporate America Invests in Branded Content for 2012,” by the Custom Content Council and ContentWise.

A thriving sign for the content marketing industry, 79% of marketers are now reporting that their companies are shifting into branded content either at a moderate or aggressive pace. Fifty-two percent of companies are reporting that they outsourced some portion of at least one type of branded content creation in 2012. Read More…

What are the Obstacles to Successful Global Marketing?

It’s no secret that creating and executing effective marketing programs are more difficult than ever. While challenges exist for companies of all types and sizes, large global enterprises face a particularly complex set of demands.

Earlier this year, SapientNitro (a division of Sapient) released research results that provide an interesting perspective on the marketing challenges faced by global enterprises. The firm published three articles summarizing their findings, and the first article in the series focuses on the obstacles to successful global marketing.

SapientNitro identified five major obstacles that marketers in global enterprises must confront. Read More…

‘Big Data’ Event for Marketing Operations Professionals

Big Data is the next big thing in marketing. We’ve devoted quite a few articles to the subject as well. But many marketers are still struggling to fit this new development into their Marketing Operations. How do you make sense of big data? When is it useful, and when is it a distraction? And how should you be preparing?

On December 13, 2012, MOCCA, the association for Marketing Operations professionals, will host the event ‘What’s the Big Deal About Big Data?’. Here marketing professionals will have the opportunity to get together and prepare for the challenges that big data pose.

From the program:

In this session, we’ll share trends in both data management and applied analysis for marketing organizations to help operations leaders define their requirements as well as their opportunities.

For more information and to register for this free event, visit MOCCA.