Kern 2011 Mid Year Marketing Trend Survey

The Kern Organization has conducted a survey among 400 (all right, 394) US marketers and asked them about their top priorities at the moment. Some quick results:

In spite of the enormous buzz about social media in marketing at the moment, respondents are not very enthusiastic about using social media as a marketing tool. While they have adopted – in descending order – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube as marketing channels, only 38 % thinks it important to integrate social media into their marketing operations, and only 23 % said they were satisfied with their social media efforts.

Perhaps surprisingly, the marketing industry is beginning to warm to the idea of marketing automation: 48 % of respondents indicated that their company has some form of marketing automation installed. Marketers attach increasing value to data collection and transparency: 70 % indicated that they think is is important.

The conclusion? ‘Marketing turbulence is the new normal of constant change.’ Marketers must find a way to deal with their constantly evolving environment and ‘transform or be transformed’.

Watch the video below to learn more about the findings from the survey. Watch the high-tech graphics!

To learn more about the survey or to download the accompanying whitepaper, go to The Kern.

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