Teradata Corporation and ADAM Software together in Integrated Marketing Management

Teradata Corporation has announced that it has entered into a strategic sales and technology partnership with ADAM Software to extend its leadership in Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) for data-driven marketing by delivering sophisticated rich-media management capabilities for the extended enterprise to benefit marketers and their customers throughout the world.

With the recent proliferation of digital touch points, a key challenge for today’s marketers is to strategically use engaging rich-media content like video, audio, augmented reality and dynamic web content in their brand and product campaigns. Creating meaningful and relevant customer experiences and preserving brand consistency through multiple channels is increasingly the key differentiating factor for leading companies; but operationally speaking, doing this exceptionally well is very complex. Helping today’s enterprises improve in marketing process efficiency, make it easier to manage rich media across today’s distributed, multi-lingual ecosystems, and to optimize the brand experience all along the customer journey (marketing, sales and services), is precisely what this partnership between Teradata and ADAM is all about.

The exponential growth of marketing activity and screen-driven experiences means consumers now expect to find every product aspect they are interested in immediately presented to them. Marketers need solutions that enable them to respond quickly; and to ensure and maintain brand integrity they must work from a single, centralized master of approved content. CMOs must realize that customers, campaigns and content systems are no longer separate entities; these aspects of the marketing environment need to be tied together with enterprise data and synchronized through workflows and process management systems with reliable analytics providing intelligence on customers and the market. These integrated elements – data warehousing, analytics and applications – are what define data-driven marketing. And with the Teradata-ADAM Software partnership, even more of a company’s data-driven marketing needs can now be met, say the companies.

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