More Evidence that PIM Technology Drives Improved Performance

In three earlier posts (herehere, and here), I discussed the growing importance of effective product information management (PIM), and I described research by Heller Software AG and Stuttgart Media University that documented the major benefits that enterprises will obtain by implementing dedicated PIM software technologies. Some of those benefits include:

  • Lower data management/maintenance costs
  • Reduced catalog creation costs
  • Lower translation costs
  • Greater use of product catalogs
  • More multilingual marketing

Recently, the Aberdeen Group released research findings that further demonstrate the value of dedicated PIM software technology. The Aberdeen research focused on retailers that use an “omni-channel” go-to-market strategy. These firms need to provide a consistent customer experience across multiple interaction channels (bricks and mortar, web, mobile, etc.).

The table below includes some of the findings of the Aberdeen research. These findings show the year-over-year impact of product information management/master data management systems on several key performance indicators. Results are shown both for retailers that use PIM/MDM technologies and for those that do not.

The Aberdeen research provides strong evidence that PIM/MDM technology systems can drive improved business performance for retailers.

At ADAM, we’re seeing significant performance improvements in other types of enterprises as well, particularly when the PIM software application is integrated with an enterprise’s digital asset management system. The integration of PIM and DAM technology systems enables marketers and product managers to link standard product information (SKU numbers, sizes, colors, etc.) with the marketing content assets related to each product. By having a central repository for both product information and marketing assets, enterprises can support multiple marketing/customer interaction channels more effectively and efficiently.

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Author:Jan Dejosse

CMO - ADAM Software

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