The Rise of QR Codes (Literally)

So here’s an innovative way for ad placement: on the roof. And if you think there’s very little traffic from passers-by up there, think again. Phillips & Company launched a QR code service called Blue Marble, which integrates a dynamic QR code into the physical site, taking an aerial or satellite image from space and making it accessible in Google Earth and Google Maps. Scanning the QR code with a smartphone can lead to an array of possible content, according to Blue Marble: dynamic marketing programs, videos, digital coupons, you name it.

Blue Marble

As Seen From Space
Rich Phillips, president of Phillips  & Company explains the reason for breaking the final frontier:

Space is not just a destination – it is a platform for applications and services. Our use of satellite imagery in day-to-day applications is proof that our ‘big blue marble’ called Earth is one global market accessible through the Internet, mobile phones and GPS devices. By using QR code technology, we are taking dynamic marketing to literally the next level – low-earth orbit.

Considering Google announced recently that its application Google Earth has been downloaded 1 billion times, the potential audience is huge. (And maybe we’ll even find out there’s life out there…?) Costs? Getting the code installed will cost you $ 8,500 plus a $ 200 support fee, and it takes about a year to show up on Google Earth.

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