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State of Marketing #8: Should We Care About Big Data?

Big data discussions focus on the enormous amount of information available to businesses thanks to the social web. While adoption is low, the opportunity for companies and nonprofits to serve customers with specific offerings is irresistible. However, doubt remains as to its long-term impact for businesses.

The State of Marketing #7: What is Marketing Success?

We often hear about ROI and marketing success but what does that mean? Is it pure and simple numbers? Is it finding opportunity? Strong integration? Or does it mean making your brand a positive force versus a net negative impact on society?

The State of Marketing #6: Brand Evangelists

Word of mouth now creates trust in brands more effectively than any other marketing method. Brands with evangelical supporters develop third-party validation and are more likely to be trusted sources. In turn, the opinions of colleagues, friends and family members may matter more than any strong advertising campaign.

State of Marketing #5: Authenticity Matters

Brands are used to delivering messages, but in today’s digital world where billions of independent social readers exist, marketing requires more. People inherently want a human voice to converse with as part of a brand’s outreach team.

State of Marketing #4: PR is Marketing!

The lines between PR and marketing have completely blurred. Moving forward as part of marketing, PR’s combined mission is building brand and helping corporations achieve all of their functions, from product development to HR.

State of Marketing #3: What is marketing

What is Marketing? In the Internet era, consumers don’t have to accept mediocre media and products, breaking the traditional marketing model. Today, marketing is about attracting and engaging people with great products and compelling stories, and getting your audience to talk about you.

State of Marketing #2: The Social Context

Most brands continue to struggle with social media. In large part it’s because they approach social media as a new advertising channel for messages. In today’s reality, everyone has a voice, and brand advocates and evangelists often speak louder than brands themselves.

We know building a social presence alone is not enough. But can companies listen and engage their brands well enough to develop successful word of mouth and cultivate an engaged community?

The Social Context is discussed by Author Seth Godin, White House Director of Social Innovation Michael Smith, Penton Media VP George Assimakopoulos, IEEE President Karen Bartleson, Author Jason Falls, Edelman Chicago Managing Director David Armano, MSLGROUP Global Director of Social Media Stephanie Agresta and Author Geoff Livingston.

The State of Marketing #1

In today’s digital world, marketing has shifted dramatically. The media system has changed and there is no singular way to broadcast or assume you can communicate with customers at will. Now, marketers have to find unique ways to create meaning for customers using a plethora of tactics, strategies and tools. The end result is a marketing world in disarray.

Over the course of a few months, Vocus interviewed more than two dozen experts and influencers on the State of Marketing. They have produced nine short videos.

The opening salvo in our video series features Author Dorie Clark, NYU Media Guru Jay Rosen, Author Jason Falls, IEEE President Karen Bartleson and Author Seth Godin discussing marketing in the digital era.


Creating a “Next Generation” Marketing Organization

George Bailey, a senior advisor to Sony and a MarketShare Advisory Board Member, addresses the struggles many marketing organizations are having with today’s data explosion, and the secrets to successfully integrating marketing analytics.

The New CMO

Jim Stengel, former Global Marketing Officer for P&G and a MarketShare Advisory Board Member, offers insights on the changing role of the CMO, why tomorrow’s CMO won’t look like today’s, and where marketing analytics fit into the evolving picture.