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Aligning Marketing and Sales Pays Off

Businesses with a high alignment between Marketing and Sales departments achieve higher revenue, are better able to keep existing clients satisfied and land more new clients. Organizations with a high level of alignment achieve a revenue growth of 100% four times more often than organizations with a lower level of alignment. Yet in over 75% of organizations Marketing and Sales have trouble cooperating, according to recent research by Andeta. The consulting firm conducted a survey of 160 businesses, on the effects of alignment on KPIs such as revenue growth, client retention and the deals-per-lead ratio.

Laura Nuhaan, parter at Andeta, says that the alignment of Marketing and Sales is a characteristic of companies where the Marketing and Sales departments have common goals, strategies and metrics for measuring success:

Only 25% of the companies we researched have ‘high’ alignment. Clearly, there is a lot of room for businesses to boost their results.

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Bringing Sales and Marketing Closer: Two Upcoming Events

Whether it’s a coincidence or not, marketers seeking to improve the relationship with the Sales department are offered a choice of two events. As the two departments are dependant on each other in Business-to-Business marketing situations, the need for good communication and alignment of the two departments is self-evident. Marketing needs to create the right leads for Sales to follow up on. Attending these (or one of these) events may help Marketers and Sales executives to optimize the alignment of their departments. Read More…