Every Marketer Should be a Strategist

John Broadbent, CMO at Netmark.com, coached 5 years of college club hockey during the early years of his career in internet marketing.

During that time he implemented a coaching process that works well for internet marketers.

The process:

  • Observation
  • Preparation
  • Action

The very best marketing strategists apply this process with a duel-facet approach. They are both analytic and creative. Leaving out either facet from your marketing campaign limits the strategic impact.

During the observation stage, marketing strategists must analyze and empathize. Great strategists look closely at data and identify with their target market. These marketers understand the people they are targeting through data and intuition.

In preparation, the best marketing strategist will synthesize an efficient process while visualizing the end result with imagination and clarity. They tap into both natures to create game-changing plans for success.

While in action, the most effective marketing strategist will create an efficient system that leaves room for resourceful improvisation. These marketers understand the value of flexible processes.

It’s easy to simply focus on being a technical marketer. It’s safe. You can blame the data for telling you to implement a poor strategy. It’s also lazy. The analytic marketer needs to be creative in order to be the best marketing strategist.

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