The Marketing Operations Manager

To get the most out of your marketing operations, you need three different managers, says Heidi Bullock from Marketo in her latetst blog.

The first is a Content Manager, the second a Nurturing Manager and last but not least a Marketing Operations Manager.

You will need someone who enjoys mechanics. Setting up integrations, key reports, segmentation, and flows in the system are just some of the activities a good marketing operations person will do.  This is one of the most critical roles to get right because they are essential to building the technological framework.  A good framework = total and complete awesomeness.  A bad framework = wasted time and added expense, which we all know equals bad things.  A good candidate for this is anyone on your team who enjoys technical details, has a good mind for process and how things work, and feels happy when in Excel.

So, do you recognize yourself in this picture?

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