Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! The Christmas tree has been decorated and the turkey is in the oven. We’ll be closed over the holidays, so it’s time for some caroling at MarketingGovernance HQ.

… But not in the usual way, of course.

BMW, for example, tucked an a-capella group into their new M135i xDrive and asked them to sing ‘Jingle Bells’. While racing driver Martin Tomczyk was behind the wheel. You can just make out the song between the shrieks of terror from the singers:

For a safer, more modern way of enjoying a carol, take a look at this ‘orchestra 2.0’ experience with an orchestra performing Christmas tune, digitally…

For everyone celebrating a lonely Christmas, treating themselves to an extra-special microwaved turkey: you may want to use the following video as background music…

And to give you something to do between Christmas and New Year’s Eve… Build your own breathalyzer party buzzer! Because… well, you can.


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