EMM according to IBM

‘Now is the right time to move out of your marketing silos. Now is the time for real-time marketing.’ Real-Time marketing, according to software vendor IBM, is the key to more relevant offers, increased response rates, and happier, more profitable customers. Their software solutions for Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM)  is a cross-channel approach. It allows marketers to steer the conversation with their customers, which leverages all interactions in inbound channels, to enable more effective marketing.

IBM outlines four proven best practices in real-time inbound marketing:

  1. Make it personal
  2. Balance business objectives with customer needs
  3. Use real-time decisioning
  4. Enable collaboration

But really they come down to the same principle: if you put your customer at the center of your marketing efforts, and you can deliver the right message at the right time to the right person. Take a look for yourself and wonder if your marketing is ‘so relevant, it feels like a service.’


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