Lenskold 2011 Marketing ROI & Measurement Study

The use of ROI metrics to assess marketing effectiveness is slightly below the 2010 peak but continues to show advantages in growth and higher marketing effectiveness and efficiency. 28% of marketers use ROI metrics to assess at least some portion of their marketing investments, while 36% use some financial metrics but not ROI. The remaining 36% use only traditional, non-financial metrics. This is one of the findings from the Lenskold 2011 Marketing ROI and Measurement Study, which assesses the basic practices of social media measurements in addition to the seventh annual tracking of marketing ROI measurement trends.

With a strong rise in the use of social media in marketing in the past year, the need for measurement of its effectiveness is becoming greater, according to Lenskold. However, only half of marketers that are currently using socia media measure its effects. Those who do measure their social media efforts, name ‘improving effectiveness’ and ‘improving integration with other marketing’ as the main reasons to do so. Interestingly, the report seems to suggest that the more advanced marketing organizations are in the use of social media, the more often they measure its results. It seems that many marketers need some time for experimenting with social media before fully integrating it into their marketing mix.

The full report at Lenskold (free download, registration required).

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