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Why Dutch insurance company Centraal Beheer Achmea uses Paragon

Organizing your marketing operations is complex and time consuming. Especially for strong brands for whom consistence in cross marketing channels is essential. Paragon helps to streamline  marketing processes, so they can be simplified and costs and time can be reduced while quality goes up.

One of their customers is the Dutch insurance company Centraal Beheer Achmea. They asked Paragon to help align their marketing and sales. Jorrit Drieënhuizen, account manager at Centraal Beheer Achmea, tells you why.


How to Save Budget and Increase Sales with Marketing Operations

Optimizing the marketing infrastructure can save up to 20% of the total marketing budget, and achieve an additional 15% sales increase, according to a survey conducted by MRMLOGIQ among 99 marketing professionals in 22 countries.

Key steps to improving the marketing infrastructure are consolidating and standardizing marketing materials and automating campaign management and production processes. The infographic below contains a brief summary of the survey results. The whitepaper is available for download here or contact MRMLOGIQ for more information.

Optimizing for ROI

In today’s market marketing teams are under more and more pressure to perform and get results. ROI is a magic word in marketing now-a-days, while budgets and resources are under pressure as well. In the meantime customers are holding back and getting less and less faithfull to just one brand. So, pressure is on for the marketing department, because you can only do so much to get better results.

There are several trends today which cause this higher pressure, says a paper by DMA and SAS.

  • Consumers are more empowered then ever
  • Data volumes are exploding
  • New contact channels add complexity and dissonance
  • You don’t control all the channels
  • There’s more opportunity for confusion and noise
  • Marketing organizations are drowning in data

How can marketers keep their head up in all this turmoil? How can they identify the best strategy that will deliver the best returns on from marketing investments?

Wilson Raj, Global Customer Intelligence Director at SAS shed his light on how to improve ROI on your marketing investments during a webinar sponsored by the Direct Marketing Association and SAS.  Optimization is the keyword, he says.

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4 Key Tips for Simplifying the Localization Process

If you’re like many people we talk to, the company you work for is probably feeling the squeeze of the current economic downturn, and has been for a while. In tough times expansion is often put on the back burner and localization projects are left behind. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that localization is a luxury that an international business can do without. In fact, if you’re cutting back on product launches and market expansion this leaves an opportunity to improve or expand the languages you already support, increasing engagement in existing markets and improving sales.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that localization is just a fancy word for translation, when in reality it covers everything from letters to layout, color to cultural suitability, style, tone, meaning, message and everything in between. The Localization process is a much more broad and comprehensive endeavor,  interdependent and layered, and when done right, can lead to excellent results.

Here are 4 areas that are key to ensuring your localization project goes without a hitch. Read More…