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20 Marketing statistics that wil drive 2014

The year 2013 is slowly coming to an end. Christmas and New Year are just around the corner. Time to look back, but we won’t do that. We look forward. What to expect in 2014 in marketing?

The people from WebDAM  created this infographic with the latest predictions and newest trends.

Are You Creative, Motivated and Experienced?

If you have a LinkedIn profile (and chances are that you do, with over 135 million members),  you’ve probably thought carefully about how you fill in your profile. Describing yourself in a positive way without sounding boastful, highlighting your strong suits and downplaying your weaknesses, hopefully your profile bio gives a good impression of your unique personality and skills. And for those of us who need some tips, there is of course plenty of help available.

But recently, LinkedIn announced a list of ‘the most overused words’ in members’ profiles for 2011. The number one most overused buzzword in LinkedIn Profiles globally and for professionals based in the United States is ‘creative.’ The top 10 terms that are overused by professionals in the United States are:

  1. Creative
  2. Organizational
  3. Effective
  4. Extensive experience
  5. Track record
  6. Motivated
  7. Innovative
  8. Problem solving
  9. Communication skills
  10. Dynamic Read More…

Social Media Flowchart

We’ve posted before about the necessity for measuring the impact of your social media efforts. But what about the input? With an increasing number of social networks to manage in order to maintain your online presence, things may get mixed up. We have found the definitive guide for posting social media status updates.