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Tim Jones: Building Brands as Games

Remember the post earlier this week about Games for Brands? Tim Jones, European Brand Director at Eisai Europe Ltd, delivers an insightful talk about how brands can appeal to the playful side of people. Rather than thinking about brands conducting a one-way stream of information, marketers should look at the possibilities for interaction with consumers:

What if we didn’t build brands as message transmissive devices, but as a series of interactions?

Frequent flyer programmes, Nike+, FourSquare, all these marketing tools are essentially games that people want to keep playing, ensuring consumer loyalty and brand identification. Watch this video and find out more about games and brands!

The Gamification of Brands

On October 27th, Games for Brands will launch in London. It’s an event on an emerging marketing discipline: gamification. Gamification is the art (or science?) of how brands can harness the power of games to better engage with their customers.

You could use games to:

  • Drive customer engagement
  • Increase the viral appeal of your brand Read More…