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Bitching over the ‘other’ smartphone

We al have them, we all use them, we all live with them. The smartphone, who can do without nowadays?

The choice in smartphones is huge, allthough there are a few major players  say Nokia, Apple, Samsung and Windows. And they al produce the best smartphone ever, so much better than the competition actually. And they show it, preferably bitching about the other one. has selected the best ever and here are a few examples.


Nokia Lumia 920

Samsung Galaxy S III

Nokia Lumia 925

Windows Phone

State of Marketing #2: The Social Context

Most brands continue to struggle with social media. In large part it’s because they approach social media as a new advertising channel for messages. In today’s reality, everyone has a voice, and brand advocates and evangelists often speak louder than brands themselves.

We know building a social presence alone is not enough. But can companies listen and engage their brands well enough to develop successful word of mouth and cultivate an engaged community?

The Social Context is discussed by Author Seth Godin, White House Director of Social Innovation Michael Smith, Penton Media VP George Assimakopoulos, IEEE President Karen Bartleson, Author Jason Falls, Edelman Chicago Managing Director David Armano, MSLGROUP Global Director of Social Media Stephanie Agresta and Author Geoff Livingston.