Marketing Operations Manager: Job Description

With Marketing Resource Management and Marketing Operations being relatively new fields of expertise, not everyone knows what marketing operations managers do exactly. To answer that question, take a look at the job description provided by Gary M. Katz for a director of Marketing Operations: would you have what it takes?

Sample Job Description: Director of Marketing Operations

Summary The Director of Marketing Operations is a member of the Marketing leadership team and works closely with the Chief Marketing Officer to facilitate the development of strategies and plans for the business as a whole and measurement of their implementation progress. Partners with other marketing leaders to enable organizational alignment towards critical business objectives and leads the organization’s implementation of company-wide strategic transformation activities and strategic imperatives. Collaboratively consults with other marketing leaders to support strategic business needs while improving the effectiveness and efficiency of processes, programs, and infrastructure. This position helps to direct a dedicated operational team toward a focus on the profitability and long-term viability of the enterprise.

Key Results Areas: Organizational and Operational Effectiveness

Directs the development and implementation of processes, tools, metrics, initiatives, infrastructure and technology that will support and improve the operations of the Marketing function.

  • Responsible for staying tuned to the culture, process, structure, and people of Marketing.
  • Scans the environment for high-impact, high-leverage improvement and cross-functional collaboration opportunities.
  • Benchmarks the organizations current marketing activities, performance and investment against industry best practices, and through gap analysis, develops a roadmap for improvements and business case for undertaking necessary changes.
  • As appropriate and with the buy-in of the Marketing leadership team, identifies, recommends and leads the implementation of these opportunities, including directing cross-functional implementation teams, in an effort to increase overall effectiveness of the marketing organization.
  • Directs organization-wide efforts to effectively manage and allocate Marketing resources – money and people.
  • Assesses the organizations current Marketing capabilities against future Marketing objectives and requirements, and formulates a strategy to build required competencies through internal development and recruitment. Maintains the institutional memory of the organization by creating a shared knowledge portal and repository of best practices.

 Strategic and Tactical Alignment Creates the conditions for the effective development of organization wide strategies and tactics that support the short and long term business objectives.

  • Leads the development of a marketing infrastructure that supports the execution of these strategies and tactics.
  • Work closely with the CMO to ensure marketing is strategically aligned with other key H-D functions. This includes connecting, communicating, and staying in tune with these groups, establishing a knowledge base of information about these groups and sharing insights with the Marketing leadership.
  • As assigned by CMO, guides and reinforces delivery of key strategic initiatives. including leading marketing’s implementation of company-wide strategic transformation activities and strategic imperatives.
  • Develops a marketing governance process to ensure consistent messaging and adherence to brand standards.
  • Conducts regular Marketing Operations Reviews to align Marketing strategy with tactics and ensure effective execution of Marketing strategy, including a functional “health check” on at least an annual basis.

Program Management Acts as the Chief of Staff to the CMO.

  • Directs the operational and administrative activities for the office of the CMO.
  • Ensures information flow to and from the executive office and act on behalf of the CMO with leadership, employees and key support groups – Finance, HR, OD&L, Communications, Strategic Planning, etc.
  • Facilitates the Marketing leadership team in meetings and discussions, ensuring the groups are working on the right things, in the right amounts, at the right times.
  • Provides oversight and guidance to projects of high importance.

Change Management Accelerates change through the marketing organization by applying change management concepts and methods to implement organizational strategies in order to meet business objectives.

  • Provides a consistent and repeatable process for the organization to quickly adapt to changing business conditions.
  • Migrates readiness of stakeholders and processes according to change management roadmap; implements communications, behavioral motivations, and process adaptations.
  • Tracks and aligns stakeholder acceptance and process deployment effectiveness; implements contingency plans as needed.
  • Ensures integration of communication and training with the larger Marketing and company environments.
  • Monitors intended outcomes as defined in the baseline change management assessment; adapts communications, behavioral motivations, and processes as needed to achieve expected business results.

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