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‘It’s exciting to work with tech’

Linda Summers, Director Marketing & Operations for Mobile at Skype, discusses how exciting she finds working with tech startups, the need to take and share more risk across the tech sector and the importance of talent in delivering success, particularly in the creative communities.

Is Your Marketing Ready for the Mobile Mind Shift?

According to Strategy Analytics , a global research and consulting firm, the number of smartphones in use worldwide reached 1.038 billion units during the third quarter of 2012. In a December 2012 presentation , Kleiner Perkins analyst Mary Meeker estimated that by the second quarter of 2013, the global installed base of smartphones and tablets will exceed the global installed base of desktop and laptop PC’s.

The explosive proliferation of mobile computing devices is fueling what Josh Bernoff, Forrester Researchsenior vice president of idea development, calls the mobile mind shift. Bernoff defines the mobile mind shift as: “A set of behaviors and mindsets in which people go forward with confidence that any desired information or service is available, on any appropriate device, in context, at their moment of need. 

According to Forrester Research, 22% of US consumers have made the mobile mind shift in varying degrees. The consumers who have made the shift are primarily young (in their 30’s) and have relatively high annual incomes. Bernoff contends that consumers who make the mobile mind shift demand mobile utility from the companies they work with and will punish companies that don’t provide it.

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Knowing your audience

Marketing is all about knowing your audience and what they want, or what you want to make them believe they want. Right? So getting knowledge about your targetmarket is crucial.

The company Mapbox is a big help in this. For instance, they use twitterdata  and map where people are using what kind of mobile device. So, when your targeting France, you know you have to use  Blackberry, and if your targeting The Netherlands use the Iphone.

Check out your audience


Brands Struggle with Mobile

Few major advertisers believe they are ‘very advanced’ when it comes to leveraging the opportunities provided by mobile devices to engage consumers, a study has argued. The CMO Council, the trade body, polled 250 global marketers, just 8% of which agreed their firm already had ‘very advanced’ capabilities with regard to this channel.

A further 30% remained at the strategic evaluation stage, while 26% were currently developing apps. An extra 17% of firms boasted a ‘quite good’ level of competence and were pushing into mobile marketing. More broadly, 93% of the panel thought their target audience was making greater use of tablets, laptops, e-readers and smartphones. By contrast, 3% of interviewees stated these devices were ‘not that important’ and 4% were unsure about their impact.

Jay Altschuler, global communications planning director at Unilever commented:

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What works in Rich Media Mobile Advertising

Infographics day! With mobile advertising becoming increasingly popular, rich media advertising company Celtra has listed a few statistics and research outcomes in their field of advertising in the automotive, retail, entertainment and financial sector. The results are collected in the infographic below. Enhanced or interactive ads have become a pretty well known feature in online marketing, and according to Celtra, they prove effective in mobile marketing as well.

Video and direct response ads turn out to be effective in mobile, but it’s interesting to see that each sector requires a different approach. Branding and presentation works for the auto industry, but not for finance. The conclusion? Design your mobile campaign to fit your vertical and your needs.