TLAs and MRM

If you decide to enter the Marketing Resource Management arena, you’d better be prepared for the TLAs. TLAs are Three Letter Acronyms. Those abbreviations meant to make life easier, but sometimes make it more complex. Prepare yourself and try to understand the text below.

During the UAT, just before COB CET, the RAM (who was P&L responsible for GWE) looked at the GUI of the MRM system and said “Why does the DAM area show ATL, but no BTL assets?”. FYI, in the mean time, the heads of ECM and CRM, belonging to a different LOB since R&R within M&S where redefined, had a discussion on the TAT of creating the EMM KPIs. An ETL layer was necessary to get KPIs out of the CDW, including VAT info from SAP. But this could take a while. The SLA – signed by the CMO but not the CIO – was MIA, the UML doc. was in draft and the XML corrupt. The RAM didn’t care. He was on a 0,8 FTE contract and close to OTE in Q3 of FY10. But still, without a JPG for his PPT the presentation for his XLS ROI calculator was in danger of becoming DOA.

TLAs and MRM, don’t you love it?

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