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A large percentage of consumers look for information online before visiting an offline store. Is the product I’m looking for available? When are the opening hours? Can I reach them by telephone? Paul Bruemmer from PB Communications shows how to get the most out of local searches by optimizing your digital storefront.

Consumers research online with mobile devices when they need to find local businesses or to make a purchase. An optimized digital storefront represents brick ‘n mortar businesses online, providing consumers with complete information about a local business. Since 20 percent of Google searches are local, and that jumps to 40 percent on mobile, it’s important to optimize your digital storefront displays for more traffic and conversions.

When you optimize your digital storefront for Local SEO, you get more conversions and customer satisfaction while increasing the value of your brand. Paul Bruemmer gives retailers all the information they need to optimize their digital storefront. If you want to compete aggressively in today’s marketplace, you can optimize your digital storefront for prominent visibility manually, or with automated local SEO software as shown in the results for Sports Authority.

Curious? Read the rest of “How to Boost In-Store Traffic & Sales by Optimizing Your Digital Storefront for Local SEO” on

And for great example of How NOT to boost In-Store traffic… watch this.


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Author:Paul Bruemmer

PB Communications

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